More Facebook Recommendations for Villa Oasis!

It seems like just about once a week we discover another new website designed to help people find an ideal place to vacation. As an owner of an independent villa, it’s hard to keep up! And it’s even more difficult to understand what people are actually paying attention to, and consider truly credible online.

That’s why we are so overjoyed to see that we have nearly 1,000 people following the Villa Oasis Facebook page now! Not only do we respond quickly to the dozens of Facebook messages we receive each month, we also genuinely appreciate the time our guests take to leave us Recommendations on Facebook as well.

With her permission, we wanted to share the wonderful review from a recent guest of Villa Oasis. Actually she spent her time with us late in 2018, but just posted her recommendation last month. It’s really such a treat to have guest who appreciate the time they spend with us on Grace Bay Beach, just outside of Providenciales (aka Provo), on Caicos island!
Thank you so much, lovely Beth!

Patrick ConleyComment