Your Island Home Away From Home

We frequently feel compelled to correct people when they refer to Villa Oasis as a “resort”. Because we have had resorts neighboring us for twenty years, we tend to have some opinions about the idea of spending your precious vacation at a crowded resort. We built Villa Oasis as a private, secure, beachfront home for our family, and eventually began to offer it as a rental for other families looking for something so much more warm and inspiring than what can be achieved within any resort on Turks and Caicos Islands.

We truly believe that Villa Oasis can be “your island home away from home” because that’s what it is to us. We go to great lengths to make certain our guests get exactly the island vacation they’ve always dreamed of. Below we want to share with you a few examples of how we created experiences that our guests will remember for the rest of their lives, and they didn’t even need to leave the Villa Oasis property!

Bourbon Tasting Anyone? While Providenciales has some truly amazing distilleries near by, why not have the sommeliers come to you? We’ve arranged for wine tastings, cigar nights, chocolates pairings and more - all with gourmet products you will not find back at home!

Massage Anyone? We know who to contact when it’s time for the his and hers massages. Or maybe it’s just for her - Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Our patio area is massive, very private and the ocean views simply can’t be beat.

Gourmet dinner for the entire Family? Having been in the restaurant business for decades, and having lived on Grace Bay Beach for the past 20 years, we can arrange to have any meal of your choice made at the day and time you expect. Your dinner will be simply spectacular - your family will love the VIP treatment, and you will not forget this one dinning incredible experience!

Oceanfront Yoga Perhaps? We know a variety of fitness instructors and local yogis who can help a group, a couple or just one person. Get comfortable on our terrace or take a few steps down to the beach if you prefer, but we can bring you peace of mind without the need to leave Villa Oasis!

Hopefully these examples help spark some ideas in your mind about what you truly want from a vacation experience! We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your event and what we can to make it something truly special!

Patrick ConleyComment