Villa Oasis Kitchen Remodel Nearly Complete

It's been said for decades that the kitchen is "the heart of the home". Beyond being the place where nutritious meals are prepared with love, and delicious scents fill the air, kitchens are also the most common gathering area for family and friends alike. Look no further than the recent boom in kitchen islands in today's home design trends to see that today people naturally gravitate to the kitchen for many wonderful reasons.

And, for the hundreds of visitors we've welcomed to Villa Oasis over the years, they know that our kitchen is both the heart and the true epicenter of our property.  From the kitchen you can look out at nearly a 180 degree view of beautiful ocean waters and clear blue skies.  We've taken many steps over the years to make sure that our kitchen met the standards and expectations of all guests, but over the past several weeks our efforts have clearly gone beyond any other remodeling or renovation work we've ever done at Villa Oasis since it was built in the 1990's.

This is not just a renovation of the kitchen space, but a true remodeling project that will provide our guests with the finest kitchen amenities and appliances available.  We expect to wrap up this project within the next few weeks and look forward to sharing those photos very soon.  In the meantime, contact us today if you are looking to book a private beachfront villa for your upcoming winter vacation!