Villa Oasis joins with Private Beach Villas Network

While owning a beachfront villa or luxury inn on a tropical island might sound like a dream come true for many, the day-to-day realities are not nearly as dreamy.  On one side are the massive all-inclusive resorts neighboring us, with extremely deep pockets used to grab tourist attention with national marketing campaigns that one family like us simply can't compete with.  And on the other side we have national travel websites attempting to lure us with "free" vacation reservations all in exchange for a mere 20% or more of the rental rate!  If that's not enough there's maintenance (like a complete renovation of our kitchen), staffing, taxes, and let's not even talk about insurance for a home on an island that sits 50 feet from the ocean!

After more than 20 years on this beautiful island, we've met many other independent property owners facing these same challenges. After several discussions with a few, we've decided to push forward with creating a very simply cooperative, called the Private Beach Villas Network.  Our small group offers our future visitors and independent property owners on Caicos Island a few distinct advantages over going it alone:

1.  Shared Activities Information:  When it comes to experiencing the Turks and Caicos Islands, massive resorts simply can't compete with the island knowledge local property owners have.  We know what new restaurants are amazing, which boat charters have the best safety records, and where to snorkel for memories that will last a lifetime because each week we hear candid reviews back from our guests! Our cooperative will share details about these local island businesses that make TCI thrive and put those all-inclusive, cattle-call "activities" to shame.

2. Shared Marketing Resources:  When you are looking online for an ideal place to stay on Turks and Caicos, your results are likely to be national travel portals (Expedia, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, Orbitz) or international resort companies (Apple, Beaches, CostCo).  While it's nearly impossible for one independent property owner to compete, collectively we may be able to pool our resources to reach a handful of truly interested visitors each day.

3. Local Housing Options:  Once we have connected with a family or small group looking for a true island experience outside the confines of an all-inclusive resort, we can present a few different housing options and prices for consideration.  If one villa is booked for your vacation dates or another that might exceed your expected budget, we'll work very hard to find another local property owner with similar amenities to make your TCI visit remarkable.

Look for a new Private Beach Villas Network website to be launched soon! We'll post details about it here on our blog.  But in the meantime, to reap the benefits of this new co-op of island property owners, use our simple contact form today!



Patrick ConleyComment