Happy Villa Oasis Guests from Patagonia, South America

While the vast majority of guests we welcome each week to Villa Oasis are from the United States and Canada, recently we’ve seen an uptick in clients from many other countries. It seems that since National Geographic identified Grace Bay as the most beautiful beach in the world, we’ve been chatting with so many people from other parts of the world. And we couldn’t be more happy about it!

Earlier this month we were happy to welcome Doctor Ricardo G. and his entire family from Patagonia, in South America. For those who might need a bit of help with geography, Patagonia is a large region (403,000 square miles) at the very southern tip of South America, shared by Argentina on the East and Chile on the West. With a population of over 2,000,000 residents, the Chilean side of Patagonia is mostly rain forests with glacial fjords, while the Argentine side is mostly arid desert with some grasslands.

Following his stay at Villa Oasis, we checked in with Doctor Ricardo to make sure his return trip went smoothly and to see what we could do to improve our accomodations at Villa Oasis in the future. We were overjoyed to receive this lovely family photo and email response from the good Doctor:

“Our visit to Villa Oasis was fantastic - everything was beyond what we expected. Romeo made our stay so easy and comfy, we felt better than at home. He deserves everything we could do for him; so loyal to the house and he cares. Believe me, everything went beyond our expectations. We absolutely want to come back! We hope we can enjoy some wonderful days very soon at Villa Oasis.
Thank you so much for everything,

Dr. Ricardo G.

We could not be more please with a family that makes our island home, their home and share the love that Villa Oasis was built with 20 years ago. When it’s time for your family to come together for a very special island getaway that you will remember for a lifetime, contact our family at Villa Oasis to make your special arrangements!

Patrick ConleyComment