Meeting JoJo - Turks & Caicos Biggest Superstar

One of the most common topics of conversation for new visitors to Villa Oasis is not about the best place to fish, or the most amazing new restaurant. Most first-time visitors ask us about the true ambassador to the Turks & Caicos islands; JoJo the Dolphin!

While occasionally thought to be a myth or folklore by some, JoJo is absolutely a reality! Quick searches online will turn up many photos, some videos and even a documentary about this most famous resident of the Turks & Caico’s islands! But if you want real proof of JoJo, just take a look at the video below!

One of our guests of Villa Oasis, who stayed with us this past spring, decided upon a snorkeling excursion. We introduced him to our friends at M & J Charters - a highly reputable company that has provided fishing, snorkeling and private cruise excursions for our guests for years. As you’ll see, our guest had the experience of a lifetime! When the short video was sent to Villa Oasis owner, Katalin Kenessey, she responded with a wonderful quote we want to share:

Life is but a moment of joy.

Say “Hello” to JoJo and his new partner - recorded April of 2018:

Patrick ConleyComment